Dyegrout - For the finest pigments in the world

Dyegrout supply a range of high-grade, finely-ground, colourfast pigments. They are designed to colour the grout material throughout and are to be mixed in with your original grout mix.

Our products are compatible with the majority of grout mediums and are also suitable for colouring standard cement:sand mortar mixes.
Due to the low particle size and purity of our pigments, Dyegrout produces very high tint strengths.

Dyegrout pigments can be blended with each other to produce an even wider range of colours. They are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

All Dyegrout pigments can be blended together to produce more colors.


Iron-oxide micronised pigments.

Producing warm earthy tones.



Dyegrout product formulations contain the highest quality ingredients.

Our pigments have been used successfully for over 40 years within the construction industry.


Dyegrout are strong pigments.

They contain zero fillers.